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Merrell Announces 2016 Global Ambassador Team

Leading outdoor brand Merrell announces its 2016 Global Ambassador Team roster. The team of 8 Ambassadors comes from a variety of backgrounds, including trail running, multi-sport outdoor athletes and passion leaders in photography and travel, but all epitomize their love for the outdoors through their work. Bringing these unique perspectives, the ambassadors will work with Merrell to bring the brand's new platform 'Do What's Natural' to life through 365-days of engaging content and activations.

"When we were building our team, we knew we wanted our ambassadors to be inspirations for getting outdoors and doing what's natural to excite people to live their passions," said Leslie Rasmussen, Marketing Specialist for the Ambassador Team. "Our 2016 Global Team truly follows their own path and that's what makes them special."

2016 Merrell Global Ambassador Team

Trail Running

  • Joseph Gray- Top American Mountain Runner
    • Facebook: Journey of Joe Geezi, Twitter: @Joegeezi
  • Mirna Valerio – Ultra Trail Runner
    • Website:, Facebook: Mirna Valerio, Twitter: @TheMirnavator, Instagram: @TheMirnavator

Mutli-Sport Outdoor Athletes

  • Simon Donato - Canadian Extreme Outdoor Athlete and Television Personality
    • Facebook: Adventure Simon, Twitter: @AdventureSimon, Instagram: @Simon_Donato
  • Matthias Giraud – French Extreme Athlete
    • Facebook: Matthias Giraud, Twitter: @MatthiasGiraud, Instagram: @MatthiasGiraud
  • Mike Chambers – Mountaineer and Found of Charity Flying Kites
    • Facebook: Mike Chambers, Twitter: @Chambers_Mike, Instagram: @Mike_Chambers

Passion Leaders

  • Justin & Adam Fricke – Adventurers and Authors of Weekend Warrior Blog
    • Facebook: TheBro'dTrip, Twitter: @Brod_Trip, Instagram: @Brod_Trip
  • Asma Fatehi – Explorer and Founder of Non-Profit One Women Empowered
  • Mina Young Lee – Photographer and Outdoor Activist
    • Facebook: FollowYourAdventure, Twitter: @MinaYoungLee, Instagram: @MinaYoungLee

"Inspiring and enabling people to enjoy the outdoors has always been the mission of the Merrell Brand.  As members of the Merrell Brand Team, our Global Ambassadors will contribute their aspirational and diverse backgrounds to inspire consumers and future Merrell products," said Linda Brunzell, Chief Marketing Officer.

As part of the partnership, the Ambassador team has already started collaborating with the Merrell product development team to test and help develop future footwear and apparel. With the wealth of knowledge and experience the Ambassador team brings to the table, they will enable future product innovation and break down the barriers of enjoying active outdoor adventures.

"In recent years the outdoor industry has started taking itself too seriously, what I love about Merrell is that it's a brand that's comfortable in its own skin – we push our limits in the outdoors, but never without a few good laughs," said Mike Chambers, Merrell Global Ambassador. If you like tall mountains, epic adventures, and endless high fives then keep an eye out for the Merrell team, we've got some big things in store for the coming years."